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Canadian Camo Cave Art


The intelligence of digital camouflage and the perfection of camouflage found in nature, both rendered into every pattern through immaculate photo-realistic designs. 




The name pretty much says it all. Our company develops camo patterns that are optimized for Canadian habitats, helping Canadian businesses make products that will send plenty of Canadian hunters on the way to the taxidermist.

We take pride in our work. Developing and designing a good, working camo pattern is a difficult skill to master but we give ourselves years to get each one right, so you can be confident - and proud - to wear Canadian-made camo patterns.


From axes used by pioneers, to Red Fife wheat, beaver bones, and the skin of an actual Canadian dinosaur, we put Canadian history into every single pattern.

greywall 2 bc.jpg
Logbar wall s.jpg

About our founder

Often called the Father of Canadian Camouflage, J.R. Lucas has been working on camo patterns since 2005, and founded this company in 2014 after years of research and development. 
In addition to being the president of Great Canadian Camouflage, J.R. is also a councilman to the Algonquin Sector of the Canadian Institute of Forestry, the president of the Bancroft Chapter of the Canadian Wild Turkey Federation, a 6-time published author, historian, illustrator, and is a canonical character in the Red Green universe.

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