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Canadian Camo Cave Art

We take pride in our work, and go the extra mile so that you can be confident in the quality of our camouflage. Our patterns measure hundreds of thousands of square inches in size, allowing for massively high resolutions and fine details. Our patterns are built over intelligent skeletal structures that allow us to combine the effective versatility of digital patterns with the photorealistic concealment of nature. 
But it doesn't stop there. We work with our licensees to help them develop, design and produce the best possible quality in their product lines, and that includes branding and graphic design services and advertising support. Building productive, long-lasting relationships with our clients is as important to us as it is to you. 
And when you join the growing list of companies and organizations that trust the Mammoth for their camouflage needs, you'll never look back...


Important: Great Canadian Camouflage patterns are available for licensing only to Canadian entities and non-Canadian entities that manufacture products in Canada.
Non-Canadian entities that manufacture in Canada must be based in NATO or MNNA nations to use Great Canadian Camouflage patterns. Camouflage development services may be available to entities in non-Canadian NATO or MNNA nations that manufacture in those countries. Contact us for more details.


greywall 2 bc.jpg


Featuring the skin of a Canadian dinosaur which, incidentally, was the first animal to have camouflage colouration. Athabaska Dawn is fine-tuned for deserts and arid open country.


Built for the largest environment on earth - namely Canada's great Boreal woodlands, Borealis Camo is a wild array of northern vegetation and timber species perfectly detailed and arranged for maximum disruption.


Although it is one of the smaller ecoregions in Canada, the southeastern hardwoods have a high concentration of hunters, and is favoured habitat of popular game species like turkey and whitetail deer. So of course we had to make a hardwood camo that lived up to our standards...


"The only camouflage able to cause Extinction", this is the landmark pattern for Canada's open spaces - from tundra to taiga to timberline.


Our most popular pattern ever, Frontier was designed for the large expanses of ecotone forest that border the hardwoods of the south and the boreal regions of the north. 


Zenith - formerly called Superior Camo - was designed by reverse engineering some of the best-concealed animals in God's creation and adapting those patterns to the human form. The addition of natural elements makes this one of the most deadly wetland camo patterns ever produced.


Here's what we offer:

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