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Remastered Camouflage patterns being planned

J.R. Lucas announced plans to remaster the entire lineup of Great Canadian Camouflage patterns, starting with Borealis which is already completed. The remasters are being made with the new Ontatsike 2.0 Camouflage Mill, our new AI-driven system which has capabilities several times greater than our previous regimen. "Testing for the Borealis remaster was done in the United States," says J.R., "because we wanted to keep this secret until the time was right." The remastered version of Borealis will be released in the spring along with several other remastered patterns now in progress. It was created in situ at four different locations along the Ottawa River Watershed. "Borealis is already remastered," J.R. states, "and we are knee deep into Athabaska Dawn, Pathfinder, and Dominion. The others will follow as soon as we are ready." The patterns generated using Ontatsike 2.0 have a similar appearance to the patterns made during the Mammoth Tour era, 2017-2020, and will be a welcome return to form, getting back to the roots of Canadian Camouflage. For example, the new remastered version of Frontier has inverted curving branches just like the original 2018 version - this feature was missing from the later versions; the new version of Great White North resembles the original 'Polar/Ghost' pattern more than the later 'Opeongo' variations.


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